Born in Durban and raised in Cape Town. Worked as an Investment Analyst for over a decade after graduating from University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Following in her grandparent’s footsteps-who were dressmakers and tailors by profession together with her love & passion for fashion, Mishah Effendi started her own brand called Mishah in 2005.

Mishah is an original SA clothing brand with a definite European allure that is sexy, glamorous and chic. The studio & showroom is based in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Our creations have made a mark within the SA fashion industry. The range caters for woman from all age groups from teenagers to my grandmother of 88 years. Our Winter Collection comprises lots of velvet, suede, lace, sequins, tassels, bright embroided applicates with focus on navy, rust, nudes, deep red, jewel tones.

All Styles are made up of simple patterns and designs, and many monochromatic in nature making each and extremely versatile addition to any wardrobe. Cut & Fit are 2 important aspects of the Mishah brand and hence the brand focuses on style and elegance conveyed through simple and flattering designs.

The design team travels extensively to find inspiration and to incorporate the latest global trends in their designs. The brand sources and manufactures products both locally and internationally. Fabrics & trims are exclusively imported and used within the collection to ensure exclusivity.

Emphasis on detail and assiduity within the Mishah range is what makes this brand trendy, perfect for spontaneous, contemporary and chic lifestyles. The brand’s success is further highlighted by appearances in media, fashion magazines and the range worn by celebrities and fashion lovers all over the country.

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